Marion’s work comes from deep within her life experiences, including surviving the Holocaust in her native Holland, marrying and bringing up a family, her move to Israel and her years of study with the master water colorist, Derek Stein. All these influences find their way into her painting. Though the subjects vary from one painting to another and from one medium to the other a strong sense of their unity binds them together. More than they describe a particular object or a landscape her works evoke a wonderful sense of atmosphere through their colors – sometimes contrasting and sometimes complementary. In addition, many of her works contain a sense of mystery, something hidden behind the variegated colors. Her bigger paintings emphasize this in the way they allow the viewer to be drawn into the picture, making the experience they evince that much more pleasurable.

Mordechai Beck  Artist  Writer  Musician

I love your work, and specifically the painting of the woman –  Pnina Beck  Poet

You’re my heroine! I love your work, your art, your beautiful nature and amazing good heart –  Rivka Hirsch

A vivid oeuvre for a vivid artist! –  Susan Kennedy  Writer  

Lovely to see your work. I feel that it is influenced by Monet. Keep it up! –  Chana Cromer  Artist

Colorful, deep, varied, warm, interesting and inspiring. –  Linda Kemnitzer   Artist

The spirit and beauty of your artwork is marvelous! –   Moshe Silver    Rabbi   Writer

Bravo, Marion! Beautiful and profound expressions, a harmony of color and depth. –  Marcel Chetrit   Artist   Art-Teacher

Marion has a way with colors… –  Derek Stein (z”l)    Artist   Art-Teacher

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